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Donald Feddes

missing-donald-feddesSarnia Police said it is continuing a two-year-old investigation into the disappearance of Donald Feddes, 57.

Police issued a press release saying Feddes was employed as a truck driver and did not maintain a residence, or have friends in the area.

He is described as 5'7, 150 pounds with a slim built, blue eyes, light brown and greying hair and is missing the tip of his right index finger.

He usually has a mustache, which is all grey.

Feddes is believed to frequent truck stops.

Det.-Const. Sam Sulaiman said Feddes has family in Sarnia-Lambton.

Sarnia Police said its investigation began November 2013.

Police issued a request for help from the public on Friday with the hope it might spread through social media and lead to new information about Feddes and his whereabouts, according to Sulaiman.

Anyone with information about Feddes is asked to contact Sulaiman at 519-344-8861, ext. 6132.